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Picture the setting... with McQueen's charming personality mixing amongst your guests and clients, blowing their minds with cutting edge magic, using borrowed objects!


A card shark, pick-pocket so slick, it looks like something you would only see in a movie.


Mind-reading so real, its seems completely impossible! Making you lie awake at night wondering what planet this guy is really from!


McQueen performs at a variety of events for the Corporate  market all over the world, any occasion, including events such as....



























Option 1  Silver


A great opening Gambit for a perfect evening!

McQueen Will work his way around your Party


for one hour performing close-up magic to your guests.

It can be walk about Magic or around the tables.


Why not add on 20 or 45 Cabaret show package?






Option 2  Gold



McQueen will attend your party for two hours performing Close-up Magic, ipad magic plus

Pick-pocketing and Mind-reading.


This can be walk about magic during drinks, around the tables or a mixture of both.


Why not add on 20 or 45 Minuet Cabaret show package?





Option 3  The Plantinum


This is the ultimate corporate package!


You can't repeat the past...so live for the present.


McQueen's full 3 hour performance of Magic, ipad and Technology magic,

Mind-reading and pickpocketing.


Plus a special unique performance for the guests of honor and CEO's


Let McQueen tailor this to your specification.

Opening drinks, walk-about and table magic.


Corporate Events

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There are a variety of packages that McQueen can offer.

To decide which one would fit your event, feel free to call McQueen and plan your step by step tailored experience.



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Award Ceremonies


Staff Parties


Christmas Parties


Brand Marketing


Sales Meetings


Product Launches


Sales Meetings


Fashion Shows


Film and TV Wrap parties


Plus More