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                                                                         Natural Born Salesman



Your company needs the leading edge... this is where it starts


Having 'McQueen' at your Trade Show is probably the most strategic cleverest move you could ever make when it comes to promoting your company and product.


A Magician is a natural born salesman!


Thats what he does...sells his product to audiences world-wide everytime he walks up to a group of spectators.


He's selling an Idea.



The important rules in sales...




Number One    


- You have to be likeable...


 That opens the door!


 McQueen's charming personality does just this!




Number Two 


- Impress people...


 McQueen's elite repertoire of magic always captivates people's              

 attention and impresses even the hardest of audiences.




Number Three 


- Be memberable...


 Using your logo on branded playing cards and many other ideas, helps you to convey Important    

 messages and cement them into people's minds using magic and suggestion.


 This creates a lasting impression.


 In addition to giving away products like branded pens, pencils and memory sticks, the use of magic is  

 an excellent way to draw in crowds and spark a lasting interest in your business.  



McQueen can perform from 2 to 8 hours and can cater to any of your requirements.  


Call or email to get a quote on your tailored experience.




Trade Shows

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